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Shore, p.2
Sometimes plaice are fairly thick on the ground and can be caught two or even three at a time. For these occasions, especially if the good fishing is to be had at range, then you may want to swap your leger for a distance tackle like the tandem trace rig.
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The tackle starts with a swivel trapped between two beads and two stops. I make mine out of telephone wire but it is fine to use crimps as long as you are cautious when you are crimping!
You can experiment with hook sizes but I tend to use a size 1/0 on the bottom trace, which I like to bait with peeler, and size 4s on both the other traces. These are then baited with ragworms.
One of the advantages of using telephone wire stops is that you can move them quite easily. This enables you to get the length of your traces just right before you tighten them completely.
The hook from the first trace is hung on a relay clip with the second trace on the next swivel as shown.
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