1) Policies of the club will be decided through open meetings which everyone is encouraged to attend, especially as they will have equal voting rights on all proposals. Some members will, with our gratitude and subject to the approval of those members present, undertake special duties, for example co-ordinator, membership (secretary), social events, correspondence, fish recording, finances and such other positions as become necessary as the club expands. These posts will be held for the duration of one year, at the end of which time the members will vote to decide who does what for the following year. In accepting such posts, however, members must understand that the nature of the club calls for regular reporting back to club members and holding all dealings or correspondence open to public inspection.

2) All members shall pay a subscription to the club, which reserves the right to defer or refuse any application which members feel warrants careful or further consideration. When applying for membership each prospective new member should understand that we operate in a manner that welcomes participation by individuals or families regardless of age, sex, colour or disability.

Membership subcriptions shall be due on 1st July of each year, with the previous year ending on 30th June. Please note that fish for weighing in may not be accepted unless subs have been paid in advance or, under special circumstances and subject to approval by the membership, not later than on the day of capture itself.

3) Juniors are defined as those members being under 16 years of age. After their sixteenth birthday is reached any fish that they catch are treated as senior entries into all club awards or competitions.

4) The club will operate an awards scheme for its members instead of offering a selection of trophies. However it will also operate a specimen medal scheme for exceptional fish. Half of all the profits from each year of the club's operation will be used towards the purchase of prizes or awards for categories to be decided at an open meeting of all members. Any remaining funds shall be used to the benefit of all club members, e.g. through saving towards special projects, such as a boat equipped for all members, including wheelchair users etc. This may, of course, take several years to accomplish but, in the meantime, we have acquired lifejackets for members to borrow on demand and light tackle outfits from both shore and boat. There is also a six person tent available to members at a modest hire charge.

5) To qualify for prizes or awards, fish entered by Baywater Anglers must be caught in South Devon. Where the fish are taken on boat, the deciding factor will be the port from which the boat leaves, with the exception of boats travelling to the channel islands, which will not be admissible. All fish caught over a wreck or five miles out from the shore count as wreck caught fish.

6) Fish entered for club awards must be caught using fair angling means and must not be foul-hooked. Fair angling means is defined as follows:

I) Float-fishing, trolling, spinning, legering, pole-fishing and fly-fishing. (Feathering does not count as a fair angling method. All fish so caught do not count towards records or awards.)
II) No more than two rods may be used, with a maximum of three hooks shared between the two rods (not three on each rod). A treble hook counts as three hooks.
III) Each entrant must cast and retrieve the tackle upon which a fish is hooked for themselves. Any exceptions to this can only be allowed after a meeting at which all members have the right to vote upon the proposal.

7) The club reserves the right to expel members whose conduct brings the club into disrepute.

8) Weighing-in
All fish entered for club prizes or awards must be weighed on the club scales, held by Martyn Green, or on certified scales held by other angling clubs or shops, e.g. a tackle shop or fishmongers. The weight must be witnessed by either a nominated person from the club, the proprietor, or representative, of the shop or by an official of another angling club. You must notify the fish recorder as soon as possible with details please.

9) Deferred Entry
Anglers who wish to join the club from April onwards shall be given the choice of a deferred entry. This means that they still pay a full subscription, but must decide whether they wish to compete for the awards being made in the year of joining, in which case they must then renew their subscription in July, or would prefer that any fish that they weigh in should be held over towards the awards in the new club year starting on 1st July. They may, however, still compete for day prizes in competitions.

Deferred entry subscriptions are charged at the appropriate rate for the age the member will be on 1st July, the start of the new club year.

10) Matters Arising
Although it is our intention to keep the number of rules in the club to a minimum, we anticipate that there may be occasions when a matter arises that is not covered by the above. On such occasions the issue will be referred to the next club event, when the members present will be asked to vote on any action that needs to be taken with the decision confirmed by a simple majority.
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